Some of what we do…

What is our role?
The role can be wide and varied however it really is down to the school, your manager and the teacher (who is also your manager) you are working with and these may well include:

  • Interventions 
    These are times set aside to help pupils with differing needs. They take place before that start of school or at lunchtime and may include: Handwriting, Phonics, Spellings, Time, Mathematics, Grammar, Semantics, Colorful Semantics, ToebyToe, Times Tables and more besides.
  • Classroom  Support
    You will be expected to help any child that needs it in your classroom. You may well be directed by your teacher as too the who and the type of help they need but this should be worked out on your planning time early in the week.
  • Boards
    You will be expected to populate boards around your classroom and possibly. These are likely to be any subject the children are follow. You will need to be quick and imaginative, a little eye catching to provide a good place to display your children’s work.
  • Sports
    You will be probably be expected to help at the sports day. It is important to be appropriate with your dress sense as parents will be there and watching. So I would suggest you follow the school dress code, cover any tattoos, shorts and the school sports polo shirt or plain t-shirt.
  • Emotional Support
    Children go through both good times and bad times and supporting a child emotionally can be very difficult. Your school will have a safeguarding policy in place, make sure you read it and understand it. Please refer to my safeguarding page.
  • Physical Support
    You may have children in your class the require some form of physical support. If this is the case, you may need some training. A qualification in Paediatric Training Level 3 is is usually required and most schools will train you.
  • Break/Lunchtime Support
    You will spend a portion of your day in the playground keeping an eye on the children as they play. This will include sorting out occasional fights, squabbles, tears, cuts, bumps, bruises and recording them correctly. Bullying and physical violence are not tolerated in any school and when this has taken place a senior member of staff would need to be notified. You will need write down everything that has happened at the time as you are a witness and may be required to come forward if parents become involved. This is also a good chance to talk to the children ask them what they do, clubs they are in and get to know them.



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