Insect days!

dragon‘Daddy’ asked my youngest ‘why do you have to go to school on insect days?’.

Ah…Insect Days or rather INSET Days.

Well INSET was originally an acronym for IN-SErvice Training day and is one of a series of five days in most English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish schools on which school sessions are not run and the pupils do not attend school and staff have training of sorts.

They are a real pain for parents, I know…I am one. You need to find child care which is costly but we need to train on many, many issues such as safeguarding, behaviour, special needs, changes to the curriculum (which is frequent with it seems any government) to name but a few.


It also gives us (the teaching assistants) time to rearrange the school, tidy, move clean and it can be quite hard work.

In most schools each Teaching Assistant will be given an area to look after.

For instance, I look after IT. That means making sure all the computing and IT equipment in the school is working, the programs are functioning, finding new software for the ever changing IT curriculum, repairing broken hardware, coordinating with external suppliers, keeping everyone informed and hopefully happy.





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