Christmas at school

What a time…

Everyone is tired.

626345-800x600.scale_type-center_crop.jpgThe children have just gone through an 8 week term which is exhausting for them. The teachers have just gone through an 8 week term which is exhausting for them and we Teaching Assistants have also gone through an 8 week term.

It is tiring for all concerned. It’s a shame those who set the term dates (the local council) don’t look at the effect it has on children…

Anyway as children get tired there can be a tendency to be ill tempered, to be clumsy and sloppy with school work. It’s not their fault.

Patience is not always great abundance.

So you need to prepare yourself for the last few weeks before Christmas. Lessons will change (sometimes at the last moment) and chances are you will end up making decorations, be involved in Nativity rehearsal (if you are in a Church school), choir rehearsals with children getting very excited.

I tend to join in their excitement, it’s fun for them and for me.

You will need to put up a Christmas Tree or decorate your classroom, maybe sort out some Christmas themed activities.

Some of the children may well bring you in a card or a small gift which is lovely, chocolate seems to be the thing – shame I am diabetic!

The parents will have a whip round for both you and the teacher and may well come in and give a small token of their appreciation for the headache these children can give you over the last term…oops ermm…I mean for taking care of their learning and emotional needs when at school!!

I have a child who I have had in interventions in the last two years and he has recently gathered speed in his learning, so much so that he has not only caught up in one subject but is now ahead of where he should be.

This is why I do the job, this is ultimately for me as a Teaching Assistant do fulfilling.

You may finish any interventions you are doing and will need to write a report. I was doing one last term and will be embarking on another this term. The report will usually go directly to the SENCO and if you can make time discuss their results with the SENCO and what the next steps maybe.

As the last few days of term come in very little work will be done and with a bit of luck you may leave a little earlier.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!