Transition to High School

This is an incredibly hard time for children. The move for my eldest, her transition to her secondary school has not been a good one, it has been very hard on her and for myself.

It has raised her levels of anxiety exponentially to the point of upset stomachs, feeling sick and a few panic attacks.

It can be such a hard time

To see my beautiful young daughter goes through these agonies is distressing to say the least. It breaks my heart to see her like this and I know she is not the only child out there.


These are things my eldest and other children are struggling with a number of different issues:

  • Movement from a small school of a few hundred to over a thousand is overwhelming
  • Movement from a small building to a huge rabbit warren of building is confusing and children are easily lost
  • A growing amount of homework
  • Taking notes of any homework given
  • Lost of new children in their year
  • knowing what to do during break times
  • Walking to school and back

The Transition

The children of year 6 in my eldest’s primary school were helped in this by meeting their teachers and having a day at the school.

But on reflection I don’t think this was enough. I have suggested to one of the governors of her primary school that they work closer with her secondary school to give them a slightly watered down version of year 7…a sort of year 6.5 where they take notes, write down their homework, get detention and more.

So what can done?

Firstly speak to the schools Student Support.

Our new school has been great.

We have a great connection with Student Support and her teachers. They have and are being kind, supportive and patient. I can’t praise them enough, particularly Student Support.

They have met with my eldest on regular occasions, helping her gain confidence, helping her through (what for her) is an overwhelming life change.

I have also suggested the school test my eldest for any form of autism because of several factor which I will not go into here.

So where do we go from here…?

Just a day at a time.