Uniform or not?

School uniform is mandatory isn’t it?

The oldest School Uniform in Britain

Actually in a primary school it’s not – any child can wear anything and the school can’t really do anything about it.

I believe school uniforms set a level playing field, of course that is assuming that you can afford it in the first place!

Price aside I think it is important that (at school) children are treated equally and one of the ways is of course by clothing, no rich or poor…just the same and for this too work everyone needs to abide by the school policy.

However, a mother has shared her anger that girls at a secondary school are being told to stop wearing “tight” black trousers because they are reportedly “distracting teachers” and that they were not part of the school uniform.

Mrs Moule said her 15-year-old daughter Beth has been put in detention because of a “ridiculous” uniform clampdown over how tight girls’ trousers should be and more than 200 parents have backed her petition calling for staff at St Peter’s School, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, to “stop harassing” female pupils by dishing out the punishment for not wearing “baggy” school trousers.

She went on to say “The kids are being told they are distracting teachers and students,” said Moule. “It’s atrocious, it’s not the right calibre of teacher at the school.”

Maybe but from that should we also say the right cailbre of pupils as they are distracted – here Mrs Moule has nothing to say on the issue.

As for teachers being distracted – I find that somewhat disturbing and an odd choice of words to put in a letter from the school.

However, they are not uniform and should not be worn and that is the school policy.

I’m afraid if a parent does not like it then of course they are free to place their child in another school but you sign up to follow the school policy when you accept the place.

School uniform for all with no exceptions.








The burqa in primary schools…too young?

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What age should a child wear a burqa to school?

Apparently several primary schools allowing girls to wear a Muslim headscarf to class are run by the Church of England and for some this seems a little shocking.

In a survey of eleven areas across England, the Sunday Times found Church of England primaries in six regions included the hijab in their uniform policy.

The covering is only typically worn by girls once they reach puberty in their teenage years and the latest revelations have sparked fears young Muslim girls are being sexualised which to be honest that seems a little far fetched if you ask me.

It is nothing more than a headscarf but is it appropriate for school?

Anglican figures appeared divided over the issue, with former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey telling the Sunday Times such school policies should be “fiercely resisted” but on the other hand the Bishop of Bradford the Rt Rev Toby Howarth dismissed concerns, saying: “This is a matter of religious identity, not sexualisation.”

Ofsted said it is investigating whether head teachers are coming under undue pressure to include hijabs in their uniform policies. The education regulator cited “growing concern” over the trend.

The Sunday Times found 18 per cent of the 800 primary schools it surveyed list the hijab in their uniform policies. Of the 17,000 primaries across England, the overall figure is likely to be in the thousands.

In response, the Department for Education told the paper: “If a school decided to allow a pupil to wear a burqa, that would be up to the school.”

I do not agree with anyone wearing a burqa quite simply because we live in a society when 90% of our contact with someone comes from body language and facial expressions.

What do you think?

Should the Burqa be part of a school uniform?