Extra cash in school budgets in funding shake-up

Any thoughts on the funding of our schools?

_96977171_040630160Schools in England are being promised an extra £1.3bn over two years in their budgets, alongside a shake-up of how funding is allocated.

But the cash for schools will be taken from elsewhere in the education budget, such as spending on free schools.

Education Secretary Justine Greening told MPs she recognised there was public concern over school funding during the general election.

Labour’s Angela Rayner said there “wasn’t a penny of new money”.

Ms Greening told the House of Commons this “significant investment” would help to “raise standards, promote social mobility and to give every child the best possible education”.

  • More front-line cash for schools – with £280m being cut from the free schools budget and £315m from “healthy pupils” projects.
  • The DFE is promising £416m extra for schools from savings in 2018-19 and a further £884m in 2019-20
  • A new minimum per pupil funding limit will be set at £4,800
  • The Institute for Fiscal studies says the extra money is more generous than promised in the Conservative manifesto – and will effectively freeze average school budgets at current levels over the next two years.
  • But in the years between 2015 and 2020, the IFS says school budgets will have declined in real terms by 4.6%.

‘Finally listening’

Shadow education secretary, Ms Rayner, said: “They are not committing any new money and have not been clear about exactly what programmes they will be cutting to plug the funding back hole.”

But Jules White, a West Sussex head teacher who co-ordinated a campaign over funding shortages, said: “The government finally appears to be listening.”

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I looked for a website for Teaching Assistants and I couldn’t find…so, this website, blog or online presence (or whatever you’d like to call it) is for ‘The Teaching Assistant’ and those interested in becoming a Teaching Assistant.

So that is you reading this and me writing this.

I have worked in several schools and many teachers over the last few years. It can be a great and rewarding job. I currently work with year 5 children but have worked in years 2, 4, 5 and 6 over the years and each year brings its own challenges.

This website is here for us, it will have resources, discussion and other things.

I currently work in an outstanding school primary school, my time is spent between Year 5 Teaching Assistant and ICT Technician. I am married with two beautiful daughters.

So there we are…if you have any questions feel free email me



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