Teacher, I have worked with a fair few over the years and have seen many more in action.

I currently work closely with 8 teachers, most Teaching Assistants won’t but that is part of my afternoon role as an IT Technician.

Teacher are of course are human, that is to say they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are good and some are not, some have a great deal of experience and some are newly qualified and most, in my experience are lovely and I am sure they would say the same about Teaching Assistants.

As a potential teaching assistant there are things you need to be aware of:

  • The Teacher one of your managers and will supervise your work
  • The Teacher needs to know what you say you are going to do you will do.
  • The Teacher makes the class decisions, you can makes suggestions but the decision is not yours, so if you have a great idea and it isn’t needed…let it go.
  • The Teacher may well have a bad day or two and hopefully will tell you when they are. My suggestion is to try and support them as best you can.
  • The Teacher will work an average of 50-60 days, will be tired, fed and the work will pile up. The current government knows this but do little to help. Again my suggestion is to try and support them as best you can, however do not take on work that is the teachers, not yours. If you feel like that is happening speak to your manager.
  • The Teacher and the Teaching Assistant are a team. Try and work well together.
  • Any questions about any children discreetly speak to your teacher.
  • Any issues with children always tell your teacher.
  • Any problems with your teacher talk to them first and if it is not resolved speak only to your line manager.
  • Try and stay positive this will help your teacher more than you can imagine.

A good experience:

The teacher I have worked with for the last two years is a great teacher, experienced we had a lot of fun as well as the inevitable class problems. Within our class we dealt with special needs, classroom behaviour, death, bullying, playground injuries and a variety of other things.

A bad experience:

A teacher at another school would not talk to me and would not look at me when I was in the classroom. In the end I actually asked if she liked me because I felt I was being treated quite badly. She said she did but nothing changed so in this instance I could only believe the issue was her and her alone.

She is not longer a full time teacher.

So there is a bit of pot luck but on the whole I have had only positive experiences.